Brand Survey 2017 – The Importance of the Brand – Brand positioning in practice

Brand positioning is crucial for optimal communication. More than 90% of the respondents to our study want to reach an optimal targeting of their target groups with a credible brand positioning and clarify a demarcation from the competition. Not only the communication measures externally, but also the motivation of the employees are in the foreground. Central success factors are, in addition to the elements of differentiation, the brand values ​​and the competence statement or the claim.

The study results further show that brand positioning has become an important part of marketing not only for private companies, but also for foundations / associations and public companies. More than half of the participating companies use brand positioning as an active strategic instrument and can be accompanied by proven brand models and brand specialists.

Brand Survey 2016 – The Importance of the Brand – Focus on Digitization

Respondents indicated that the most important characteristics of a brand are credibility and a high power of differentiation. That’s not really new yet. But especially striking: The development of a really differentiating positioning is still the biggest problem for the companies.

What are the most important results in the field of digital brand management?

  1. Digital communication channels play an important role in the entire marketing area (sales, communication, customer management), also for B2B companies. It uses the full range of available options.
  2. The company website is mandatory, two-thirds of the respondents use Facebook, and almost half of them also know how to use Xing and LinkedIn.
  3. In the context of digitization, data is playing an increasingly important role. They are used for product development and improvement or in communication planning.
  4. However, there is still a need to catch up with the use of data from the social networks. This large amount of data is only used by almost half of the study participants.

Brand Survey 2014 – The importance of the brand

In February 2014, we conducted a study on “Importance of the brand in companies”. Of the 220 decision makers from industry and consulting, 16% participated. They form a cross-section of various industries and positions from the CEO to the Marketing Manager, Sales and HR, Journalists and Designers.

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