kbo-Kliniken des Bezirks Oberbayern – Group over over 30 clinics and institutions with focus in psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatics

Identity and branding strategy, corporate design, implementation, internal communication

  • Sector: Clinics | Health Care
  • Employees: 6,300
  • Project: Corporate Identity

Purpose of the project

  • Positioning of the kbo-brand
  • Development of an employer brand
  • Focus on the integration of internal target groups

Project services

  • Analysis
  • Identity strategy
  • Brand essence and values
  • Positioning
  • Self-perception
  • Tagline
  • Vision and Mission workshop
  • Company strategy workshop
  • Corporate design
  • Design manual
  • Corporate principles
  • Brand architecture
  • Company magazine
  • Classifieds/Recruitment ads


  • Identity strategy for the kbo-brand
  • Clear positioning of the kbo-umbrella brand in relevant target groups
  • Conception and implementation of a company-specific look&feel
  • Internal communication via virtual brand space, roadshow at the facilities

Dietrich Identity’s comprehensive consulting approach is what convinced us. It helped us to determine and effectively implement our newly developed self-perception “Reliability on your side.”