Strategy for us is the foundation for finding sustainable solutions. As a result we are always focused on understandable and feasible solutions in our work. Strategy needs to be in conformity with the identity of the brand or organization. Our systematic approach also makes it possible for us to assist larger and more complex structures as well as SMEs.


Branding leads to success when the brand account profits from all measures taken. Thus it is a requirement for a company-specific appearance that internal target groups identify with the new brand image and external target groups are convinced: experiencing something new, creating excitement, providing a sense of unity. These are the most important aspects for our customers. To open new doors and make a visible change in branding.

Corporate Identity

Companies and brands today are subject to diverse changes such as management changes, shake-ups, mergers, outsourcing and absorption due to business operations, growth or restructuring. Corporate identity for us is the comprehensive methodology to accompany this transformation. We participate in this transformation by incorporating the employees in this change and allowing them to be part of the process. In this way direction is defined and identification possible.

Digital Identity

Communication is changing. The way we inform ourselves and form our opinion. How we network and maintain social contacts. Digitization also opens up new possibilities for image formation, perception and implementation of messages to their companies and brands. But one thing remains. Only those who know their image well in the interactive world will use the right measures in the variety of possibilities.


The perception of corporate and brand identity is ensured through communication, through the customers’ experience with the services of the company, through partner motivation and through identification of employees with their own company. Only when all measures are conducive to the brand and self-perception do we achieve what we call coordinated identity. The perfect interaction leading to a clear profile.

Workshops and Keynotes

For the past 15 years we have taught and educated over 3,000 students and business people in seminars at academies, universities and in companies. When organizing our seminars we combine academic basics with a variety of practical experience and examples from our business. In doing this we’ve amassed a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge in the planning and execution of seminars, which we pass on through on-site training and public seminars. Our keynote-speaches about branding and corporate identity are welcome at industry meetings, get-togehters or conferences.

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