Our TRUE VALUES ACADEMY ensures the sustainability of your values

Values are sources of energy that turn a logo into a brand and give companies a sense of unity. Values are valuable and desirable and characterize a group and define attitudes. It is these collective attitudes that give direction to action within the framework of a (corporate) brand.

Therefore, with the establishment of our TRUE VALUES ACADEMY, we are placing particular emphasis on the sustainability of our true-values-work. Because identity is not only evident in design and communication, but also in behavior. True to our claim to think “holistic” identity.

In our TRUE VALUES ACADEMY we offer you various training courses, all of which aim to anchor your values consistently in the company. Tested for their suitability for everyday use, they motivate your employees and get them on board. Therefore, participation is very important in our training.

“With our training courses offered by the TRUE VALUES ACADEMY, we enable managers and employees to use and implement corporate or brand values purposeful in their work. So that the typical corporate spirit can really be experienced. “

Sabine Valentin, trainer TRUE VALUES ACADEMY


  • Satisfaction – Results can be implemented directly in everyday life and are understandable to everyone.
  • Time savings – Plannable times and capacities. Predetermined times are adhered to, which allows you to structure your day.
  • Comfort – Excellent organization means you can concentrate 100% on the content and exercises.
  • Fun – Interactive content which you can contribute to and help shape – or even just listen.
  • Safe – Corona requirements are implemented and tips are given. You can concentrate on the workshop with a feeling of security. Or simply book online training.


At Dietrich Identity we love brands. Because brands have a lasting effect both internally and externally. We know strategy. But we also roll up your sleeves when it comes to realization. And we explore together with our clients what everyone needs, but very few have. Real values.

Here you will find an overview of our skills and service areas:

Brand Consulting

A strong brand is the basis and guide for your marketing. Together with you, we explore the success factors of your brand and develop a suitable strategy and positioning for your brand. We base this on the brand model we developed: the Dietrich Identity Brand Flower. It puts your brand values in the right light.

Brand strategy

Branding without a strategy is like a journey without a destination or a map. Together with you we develop the strategic framework. For this we have rethought the “Golden Circle”. Our 4 W form the framework for your overall strategy in the form of vision, mission, values and growth strategy.

Marketing Communication

Strong brands and strong communication are no coincidence. That is why we develop communication concepts for you as a marketing plan for your new market presence, both internally and externally. And we also conceive, write, design and produce a wide variety of brand communication measures for you.

Corporate Identity

The corporate identity, one’s own self-image, is the most important link between the company, the people and the target group. This way, you broaden the communication by the dimensions of performance and behavior – because clear communication of all services is just as crucial to success as the perceptibility of your culture and your company character through history, behavioral standards and symbols.

Corporate Design

Your company-specific appearance makes your brand recognizable and unique. We have learned one thing from the multitude of branding projects: a visualized strategy is the strongest and most efficient tool to show the public a uniform, positive image and to increase awareness of your company.


Vision, values, and mission statements are all just waiting patiently as ideas on paper or the Internet as long as they are not lived. With our activation workshops, we ensure that the basics of your brand are understood, applied and implemented by everyone in the company. Together with you we inspire your employees and get them on board in a fun way.