What drives us?

Our vision is to create a world, in which companies and brands represent clear positions and expertise. We don’t just put the brand at the heart of our strategic thinking, but the people and their organizations.

We are convinced that our comprehensive methods of getting from the source to solution are more reliable than creative individual solutions or offering complex brand models.

Our methods are divided into multiple phases, in which we devote ourselves to various tasks:

  • Commitment

    Fundamental understanding for the brand and establishing identity.

  • Integration

    Getting stakeholders and potential intermediaries involved.

  • Definition

    Developing an idea, concept and determining a brand identity.

  • Implementation

    Setting things in motion for the external target groups.

  • Involvement

    Conveying the needs of the internal target groups.

  • Institutionalization

    Creating tools for sustainable implementation.

  • Assessment

    Verifying success and results.

How do we do this?

Our Branding and Corporate Identity-Process

How is our path? Personally, because strength and values comes from inside and outside of the company, not from the Consultant. Systematically, because only a clear principle of procedure may take more complex organizations on a brand journey. Professionally, because experience counts. For us 14 years with more than 70 companies out of 12 branches. But what counts most is cooperation. Because what makes an authentic brand is the “we-feeling”

How do you benefit?

With our systematic approach as well as many years of process experience we offer great assurance to our customers who benefit from the continued success of their brands.

Our steps in analysis and strategy eliminates the causes and not just symptoms.

Our methodology is tested many times and creates security and commitment even in more complex organizations.

Our principle of participation of employees and customers creates authenticity and “we-feeling”.

Our concepts are not only visible but also tangible.

Our consulting and implementation proves the success.

Our collaboration is fast, direct and uncomplicated.