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Through our experience from almost 400 brand projects, we know how to develop strong brands with our brand consultancy and how we can improve the success factors of your brand. Together we create the foundation for all communication and marketing measures and thus ensure your company’s success. A strong, distinctive brand has the advantage of being effective both internally and externally. If everything builds on it, your marketing will be more precise, more targeted and more efficient.


In times of digitization, your brand has an inestimable value. It simplifies digital transformation, specifies tonality as well as messages and at the same time creates recognition and flexibility to be used in social networks. Equipped with values an attitude, it is invaluable for creating special customer experiences, ambitious growth strategies and of course for innovations that inspire your customers.

That is why we extract your most important brand value – at eye level with you – and summarize them in our brand model, the “Brand Flower”. This forms the strategic basis of your brand, the brand identity.

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We at Dietrich Identity see ourselves as a strategic brand consultancy, which with its know-how particularly understands how to guide management, employees and other stakeholders through the branding process, to accompany them and to inspire them for the success factors of your brand.
Some might ask now why they need a brand agency and what distinguishes brand agencies actually from advertising agencies or marketing agencies? Branding and marketing are two very different tasks. Brand is perception, fascination and the reduction of complexity. Marketing is communication, media, measuring and target audience work. They are mutually dependent, but they have completely different requirements. As a branding agency, we focus on the development of a well-founded brand base, which forms the basis for subsequent marketing measures. The brand is the strategic foundation on which everything else is built. First the brand, then the marketing.

Many entrepreneurs underestimate the energy and also the value of their brand. The brand inspires, motivates, creates solidarity and a sense of togetherness internally, and awareness, sympathy and recognition externally. As an agency for brand consulting, we create a strategic brand basis with you, on which the subsequent marketing measures can be built economically . With a strong brand, you precisely meet the wishes and needs of your audience and turn them into your customers.

For almost two decades and 400 brand projects from 10 industries, as well as the implementation of hundreds of workshops and seminars on brand consulting, we are one of the most experienced brand agencies in Germany. Rely on our expertise for your sales success!

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Dietrich Identity is an owner-managed, nationally and internationally active brand agency based in Munich. Companies from Bavaria and all of Germany, as well as Austria and Switzerland, are among our customers. Holistic, cooperative and systematic are the values that shape our work with you. Together and face-to-face, we will explore your company and brand identity. During the whole process our experienced employees are there for you. Our systematic approach, which has been tried and tested over many years, ensures participation and results and thus turns stakeholders into participants.


The brand is the strategic corporate basis that ensures that products and services can distinguish themselves on the market. As experienced brand consultants, we experience time and again that entrepreneurs fail to recognize the strength and energy of their brand and immediately put their budget into specific marketing measures. But today it is no longer sufficient to simply offer a range of services. With the multitudes of competing products and services it is becoming more and more important to reserve a premier seat in your customers’ minds. The brand is predestined for this.

Your brand needs a unique selling proposition for this box seat. The brand essence. Your brand needs to have something that sets it apart from the competition and makes it unique. To find out what this is, our brand experts examine your industry and your competitors critically and work out the brand essence that makes them successful. You will benefit from our cross-industry experience and many years of expertise, which also include excellent analysis and audit skills helpful for a realignment.

As a strategic brand consultancy, we develop not only the brand essence, but also important brand values. We call them the “true values”. They are the pillars and DNA of your corporate brand and the basis for brand success. Once we have deciphered the DNA of your brand through analysis, we can then design targeted advertising and marketing measures that convey these values to your target audience. Only if you yourself know your values and thus your brand identity can you use communication to inspire your customers’ desire and motivate them to buy. A brand strategy is therefore the big picture from which marketing measures are constantly being re-created.

It is important for you to know that our brand consultants not only design a promising brand, but are also helpful in its long-term development. After all, nobody knows a brand better than the person who helped develop it. If you are looking for brand consulting in Germany, you are in the best of hands with us.schließlich besser, als der/diejenige, der/die sie mit entwickelt hat. Wenn Sie eine Markenberatung in Deutschland suchen, sind Sie bei uns in den besten Händen.

As part of a branding process, we clarify the following questions, among others:

  • How is your brand perceived?
  • What are the success factors of your brand?
  • What does digitization mean for your brand?
  • What are the core values of your company?
  • What is your brand essence?
  • What does your target audience look like?
  • Why should people from this target audience become your customers?
  • What is your brand’s promise and how can you keep it sustainably?
  • Which visual signals do you use to best reach your target group?
  • Which messages do you use to communicate most effectively?

Do you want to know what is associated with your brand? Do you want to get to know your brand’s success factors? Do you want to have a look at your brand values? Then our beginners workshop on branding is just perfect for you. A first look at your brand, which will certainly make your communication work easier for you afterwards. Get an offer


At Dietrich Identity we love brands. Because brands have a lasting effect both internally and externally. We know strategy. But we also roll up your sleeves when it comes to realization. And we explore together with our clients what everyone needs, but very few have. True values.
Here you will find an overview of our skills and service areas:

Brand Consulting

A strong brand is the basis and guide for your marketing. Together with you, we explore the success factors of your brand and develop a suitable strategy and positioning for your brand. We base this on the brand model we developed: the Dietrich Identity Brand Flower. It puts your brand values in the right light.

Brand strategy

Branding without a strategy is like a journey without a destination or a map. Together with you we develop the strategic framework. For this we have rethought the “Golden Circle”. Our 4 W form the framework for your overall strategy in the form of vision, mission, values and growth strategy.

Marketing Communication

Strong brands and strong communication are no coincidence. That is why we develop communication concepts for you as a marketing plan for your new market presence, both internally and externally. And we also conceive, write, design and produce a wide variety of brand communication measures for you.

Corporate Identity

The corporate identity, one’s own self-image, is the most important link between the company, the people and the target group. This way, you broaden the communication by the dimensions of performance and behavior – because clear communication of all services is just as crucial to success as the perceptibility of your culture and your company character through history, behavioral standards and symbols.

Corporate Design

Your company-specific appearance makes your brand recognizable and unique. We have learned one thing from the multitude of branding projects: a visualized strategy is the strongest and most efficient tool to show the public a uniform, positive image and to increase awareness of your company.


Vision, values, and mission statements are all just waiting patiently as ideas on paper or the Internet as long as they are not lived. With our activation workshops, we ensure that the basics of your brand are understood, applied and implemented by everyone in the company. Together with you we inspire your employees and get them on board in a fun way.