On his travels to southern Africa, Fridolin Dietrich observed the specialty of identity-relevant features in zebras. The individual shades of colour and shape of the zebra’s stripes characterise each animal and make it unique. In addition, the stripes serve as camouflage against predators. They thus form a necessary survival strategy.

Identity development as a (survival) strategy is a principle often successfully applied in nature. And for us it represents the foundation of our consulting approach.
We call it the ‘Zebra Principle’.

Our approach, compact and understandable in 140 pages.


Our very first client was the BLLV, the Bavarian Teachers’ Association, from Munich.

In 2003, the management commissioned us to work with them to develop a clear direction and a plan that would enable the association to continue developing in the right direction.

During six months of work, identity strategy, positioning and its implementation were developed internally and accompanied externally.

We traveled over 3,000 kms on the roads of Bavaria to personally find out about the members’ expectations.

With lasting success, because new target groups were opened up, the number of members of the association increased significantly again and we still work for the BLLV every now and then. Most recently in the conception of a future workshop with 150 teachers.

Dear BLLV, we thank you for the trust you placed in us back then.

Our latest publication regarding non-profit branding

Our article “Non-Profit Branding” deals with the increasing professionalization in branding. Whereas NGOs used to define themselves based on the self-image of their social commitment, and did not need to further justify their existence, today they are thinking about a stronger market orientation and a self-image that is capable of communication.

Market and branding have reached cultural and social service providers beyond the products, goods and services provided. Non-profit branding and brand management has become a young discipline of foundation work.

Dietrich Identity 2003 – 2023

Shaping brands for 20 years

Dietrich Identity celebrated its 20th anniversary!

For two decades, we have passionately championed brands with true values. In a world that is spinning ever faster and has turned the way we communicate with people on its head, we have shown that authenticity and values are at the heart of every successful brand.

We are proud of the fact that our brand strategies have enabled us to bring over 100 clients not only onto the strategy paper, but also their brand horsepower onto the road. True  values are what drives us. Together with our clients, we embark on a new journey each time to discover what every brand needs but rarely has. True brand values.

Thank you to all current and former employees, our loyal customers and partners who have accompanied us on this journey. Your support has helped us to shape the world of brand management for 20 years.

We look forward to the coming years and to continuing to increase our customers’ company value with strong brands.

Here are a few impressions of our anniversary celebration.


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