Automotive | Industry

The automotive and industrial sectors are characterized by constant change, rapid innovation and strong competition. Not only well-known companies such as AUDI and SIEMENS, but also the hidden players and suppliers of the industry must show a sharp profile. In times of global competition, a strong brand is indispensable.

We advise B2B companies in the development of clear positioning, lived values in the company and the formulation of clear messages for the differentiation in the market. We work together with our customers on a national and international base as well.

Typical questions from our customers in automotive and industry

  • What arguments support your sales beyond the discussion about the price?
  • Which company values characterize your company?
  • Which Image of your company and services do your customers have?
  • Your company is evolving from a component manufacturer to a system supplier? What do you have to consider?
  • How do you build a brand? And how do you lead it?
  • How can a strong position make your company stand out from the competition?
  • Which impact does the positioning have on your sales and marketing messages?
  • You want to design a new product? What do you have to consider?


  • Audi
  • Webasto
  • Leoni
  • Efaflex Rolltore
  • WMH Herion Antriebstechnik
  • Heidelberger Druckmaschinen
  • GFC Antriebstechnik
  • Fränkische Rohrwerke
  • Emuge Franken