BLLV- Bayerische Lehrer- und Lehrerinnverband e.V. (Bavarian Teachers‘ Association)

Association Day, Futures Workshop

In May 2014 the BLLV held its first association day with the following objectives:

  • An exciting 2-day long event, a pleasant atmosphere
  • Discussions without the standard formalities (motions, voting, presentations)
  • Own needs and topics issued and sorted out by the participants
  • Motivational session: Participants organize with diverse methods, offerings, places and intensity of the workshops.
  • Exciting younger members about the association day
  • Conveying the feeling “Wow, I’ve never experienced anything like it.”
  • Networking possibility: facilitating ‘communication’
  • Signaling to members that “old habits will be weeded out.”
  • Visionary goals and at the same time providing something tangible.

Our role in this was to provide structural support for the association day by contributing ideas and concepts. The undertaking and organization of the futures workshop is carried out by the BLLV themselves.

With the motto, “Start over – re-conceptualizing our BLLV” we organized 2 days in Beilngries together with the facility partner “Innovationswerkstatt” and over 150 teachers.