bng- Association of Gastroenterologists e.V.

Communication analysis, action recommendations, concept measures, implementation

  • Sector: Health/Organization
  • Members: 1,000
  • Project: Communication
  • Year: since 2013

Purpose of project

    • Unclear image of gastroentologists
    • Optimization of perception
    • New communication strategy

Project services

    • Kick-off workshop
    • Reputation analysis from doctors and patients
    • Findings
    • Action recommendations
    • Communication strategy for the target groups of the general public, patients, family practitioners, and students
    • Press releases, campaign planning, copywriting
  • Implementation of measures such as ads, events, fanfolds, partition screens, giveaways, etc.


    • Enhancing the gastroenterologists’ profile
    • Breakdown of the organization’s communication into target groups: doctors and patients
    • Development of new terminology for gastroenterologist
    • Idea and concept for the patient information-portal ‘magen-darm-ä’, daily visits 500
    • Cooperation between Felix Burda foundation and bng