Phoenix Solar AG

Growth strategy, Vision Development, Management Change

  • Sector: Energy
  • Employees: 400
  • Project: Corporate Identity

Purpose for project

  • Large employee growth
  • Internationalization
  • Strong competition

Project services

  • Kick-off events
  • Image analysis
  • Vision workshop
  • Communication strategy
  • Profiling concept
  • Tagline
  • Brand architecture
  • Principles
  • Company brochures in 9 languages
  • Employee magazine “sunnytimes”


  • Brand relevant positioning in the energy business environment
  • Positioning as a cooperative energy company with deeper roots in the energy pioneers
  • Tagline “Making energy together”
  • Change-Management through value-based integration workshops

“Working with Dietrich Identity is characterized by their high level of professionalism, dependability, friendliness, and personal commitment. We value the pleasant work environment, the smooth progression of the project and the speedy implementation”