Our view

Communication is changing. The way we inform ourselves and form our opinion. How we network and maintain social contacts. Digitization also opens up new possibilities for image formation, perception and implementation of messages to their companies and brands. And often at much more favorable terms.

But one thing remains. Only those who know their image well in the world wide net will use the right measures in the variety of possibilities.

No matter if they are found in search queries on Google or interact with customers and fans in the social network. Whether you want to automate or customize the PR, a rule remains. Without the right strategy, all measures remain arbitrary.

With us, you ensure that brand management in the digital world is on a solid ground. So, after our work, you do not have a puzzle of digital contact points, but a consistent image of your brand across all digital contact points.

Our Services

Websites based Content Management Systems

Form follows content. So that you have the right content for your website and are always up-to-date. We develop, design, program and maintain your website. This keeps you up-to-date and allows you to focus on your work.

Online- and Social Media-Monitoring

Markevaluationen analog was yesterday. Today, we quickly and effectively review the current reputation of your brand in the digital environment. Analyze the efficiency of your campaigns and identify the key channels and influencers in your industry. Whether unique, regular or compared to your strongest competitors.

Advice on the digital management of brands

What digitization means for your brand communication. We answer your individual questions on the subject of digital brand management.

Social Media Analysis

People post, rate and give feedback. We analyze what people on the social network say about your company or brand and what that means for you.

Social Media Action Plan

Target groups, communication objectives and measures. For the purposeful brand building in social media we design your digital communication workshop.

Web-based communication portals

Fast. Uncomplicated. Easy. – Web-based communication portals are the ideal platform for informing and taking employees along in corporate identity projects.

Workshop Digital Strategy

From analysis to positioning to implementation. So you get order and strategy in your online activities.


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