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The healthcare industry is confronted with numerous changes. Private health care providers are increasing the competition. Digitization creates new eHealth services and trends. The deficit of skilled employees burdens the companies. For clinics and clinic associations, it will be crucial to sharpen their own profile, to offer a differentiated service-portfolio and to address the target group with relevant messages.

Over the last ten years, we have been supporting clinics and clinic groups of 500 to 10,000 employees in change processes. The special cooperation with doctors, nurses and administrative staff is familiar to us. The complexity of decentralized forms of organizations with a large number of employees is known to us – both in the psychiatric and the somatic sector.

Typical questions from our customers

  • You a planning a merger and changing your name? How do you make it a brand?
  • How do you develop a common value system for your organization?
  • You already have formulated values. How do you figure out which values are authentic and how they can be lived?
  • You want to develop guidelines for your clinic?
  • You want more employees for your organization? Keyword: Employer Branding?
  • You would like to develop management guidelines for your company?
  • You want to develop a company strategy for your organization?
  • You want to create a new corporate identity for your clinic group?


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