In the media world, whether it is digital or analogue, there are now many established and new players. Numerous new digital media such as onlinemagazine, specialist forums or social media are coming onto the market. The competition is enormous. The speed of the changes increases with the digitization. The established media is positioning itself with new products, new offers and new services.

Fridolin Dietrich has not only worked for five years in different media companies. Over the last fifteen years, we have been providing targeted support to channels, publishers, online and offline magazines.

Typical questions from our customers in the media sector

  • You are planning a new media product? What are the expectations of your readers?
  • You are planning a merger? What story should be communicated?
  • You have expanded your editorial offers? Does your brand appearance communicate it clearly?
  • You have developed a new medium? How do you make it a brand?
  • You want to make changes in view of the content? How do you communicate it?
  • Are you planning a new campaign? Which positioning and messages are the right basis for it?
  • Do you have a purely digital brand? What does this mean in focus on your communication?


  • ProSieben
  • VOX
  • Süddeutsche Zeitung
  • IDG Verlag
  • Richland Media
  • Bayern 1