Non Profit

Numerous new foundations or associations are founded annually in the non-profit sector. The number of foundations has more than doubled in the last ten years in Germany. Thus, competition is increasingly becoming a challenge for organizations in the non-profit sector. The dividing line between an organization and its competitors is usually unclear.

NPOs have different structures and ways of working than profit-oriented companies. We have been supporting organizations to gain a clear profile for over 15 years. Only those who clearly formulate and communicate their vision, fields of activity, competences and values are able to assert themselves in the offer of numerous NPO’s.

Typical questions of our customers in the Non Profit Sector

  • You want to learn more about your brand and its factors of success?
  • Brand and fundraising. What does that mean for you?
  • Your company will celebrate an anniversary. How can you make the best use of your work?
  • You want to acquire more members? What strategy should be taken?
  • You want to sharpen the self-understanding of your organization?
  • You want to develop a mission statement for your Non Profit Organization?
  • You want to reorient your membership magazine. What do you have to keep an eye on?


  • Diakonie Bayern
  • Caritas München Freising
  • Kleines Theater Haar
  • Katholisches Schulwerk in Bayern
  • Innere Mission München
  • Evangelische Hochschulgemeinde
  • Felix Burda Stiftung
  • Bayerischer Lehrer- und Lehrerinnen Verband – BLLV
  • Heraeus Bildungsstiftung
  • bng – Berufsverband Niedergelassener Gastroenterologen