Brand Identity, Claim, Brand Relaunch

  • Sector: Group catering
  • Employees: 80
  • Project: Branding

Purpose of the project

  • Positioning of the brand in food catering service industry
  • Two target groups with differing clientele: B2C (children, employees, seniors) and B2B (managers of day-care-facilities, schools and retirement homes and other chief executives)

Project services

  • Brand identity
  • Positioning
  • Brands relaunch
  • New market presence


  • Brand, values, brand essence
  • Brand promise and messages
  • New tagline “Hospitality catered to you”
  • New logo and layout
  • Website relaunch
  • New communication media such as flyers, press portfolio, company letterhead

“For an SME like SpeiseZeit the brand-forming process is a challenge. The process combines resources and funding. So the most important thing is the strong partnership that we have with Dietrich Identity. The process needed to happen quickly and make a precision landing.”