From brand essence to brand identity, design and campaign.

Project occasion

15th anniversary of the foundation

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Image campaign prevention

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Qualitative brand analysis

Evaluation and conclusions

Vision development


Brand identity

Name development

Logo design

Brand mission statement

Anniversary event BMW Welt

Guiding principle

The Felix Burda Foundation sees itself as an essential link between multipliers, doctors, the public, economy and politics. In this way, it connects the most important drivers in the field of colon cancer prevention.

The positioning becomes clear through the brand essence. They are the ‘smart rebels’ who speak to all areas of the health system to enable equal opportunities for everyone.

Here you can find the brand model of the Felix Burda Foundation.

Dietrich Identity gave us excellent advice on the development of our new brand identity for the Felix Burda Foundation. It was only through Dietrich Identity that we became aware of our brand values ​​and, thanks to the individual interviews conducted by Dietrich Identity, we know now, for example, that we can be more confident about our successes. Our new vision and the brand essence of the ‘smart rebels’ developed from it have contributed significantly to the development of our new corporate design and further communication measures. We would like to thank Fridolin Dietrich and his friendly team for their high level of personal involvement and the positive working atmosphere. It was not only meaningful, but also fun.