Development of a Europe-wide brand identity for the tire and car service provider

The main idea

With a new brand strategy for the expanded service portfolio of tires, care and car service, the Euromaster brand was redefined across Europe. The brand essence “Trust” resulted in the international brand promise “In best hands”.
The branding process was supported by us in Germany and at Michelin’s international headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Project occasion

Repositioning of the company as a tire and car service provider

Briefing paper for the development of a new communication campaign

Development of a Europe-wide brand strategy

Project services

Expert interviews with station managers and brand analysis clients

Evaluation and conclusions

Development of positioning approaches

Brand model

Formulation of a Europe-wide brand identity

“We wanted to shape the positioning process of our brand together with a consulting agency which brings special strategic and analytical brand know-how. Dietrich Identity from Munich works with a proven analysis methodology and a lot of experience, which can also moderate the different interests and target groups in our company.”