A new brand for the association of clinics and outpatient facilities for mental health in Upper Bavaria.

The main idea

With a new brand identity for kbo, a holistic approach, from strategy to brand and communication, was implemented. From the inside to the outside. Thus the clinic association with its over 7,000 employees at more than 50 locations in Upper Bavaria can expand. Furthermore it prove its special position as an opinion leader in the field of psychiatry and leading health service provider for mental health in Upper Bavaria.

This brand project is characterized particularly by its clear communication and acceptance of the kbo values and the kbo brand among all stakeholders and political institutions.

The new mission statement became the basis for employee and management development.

You can find the current employer brand campaign here.

Project occasion

Repositioning of the kbo-Holding and district clinics after the merger

Communication of organizational change

Employee survey

New market presence

Project services

2010: Brand analysis

2011: Vision, mission, values

2011: Brand identity

2012: Strategy pyramid (4 W)

2012: Corporate design

2012: Employee magazine kboDIALOG

2012: Company brochure

2013: Mission statement

2014-2016: Organizational and employee development

2017: Anniversary publication

2017: Brand evaluation

2018: Strategy update

2019: Employer positioning

2019: Brand architecture

2020: Website / digital channels

2021: Employer brand campaign

“We were convinced by Dietrich Identity’s holistic consulting approach. It helped us to discover the newly developed self-image “Reliably by your side” and to implement it consistently throughout our communication. ”

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