Every brand is only as good as it is lived. The biggest challenges for brand owners are the implementation of identity, brand, values and related core ideas. Because employees like to stick to known systems. However, changes are only successful if they are understood, accepted and supported by all employees.

We have bundled 15 years of experience from countless projects in our workshops. We know how to do it and how we can make it easier for you. All workshops are supported by the idea of “helping people help themselves”. To support you so that you can create the content yourself.

What are the top strengths, characteristics and potentials of my brand? What sets us apart from the competition? How can you formulate the positioning in a sentence? Develop your positioning with our proven method and support.

We work out what the positioning means for you and what it can do. Where does positioning already work? What is still to be done? Which tasks arise for marketing and communication? Schedule? How does this work?

Have you formulated company values and want to get them alive? The aim of the workshop is to work with the employees to develop and prioritize the values, and to substantiate them with examples from everyday work.

  • Which values make us special?
  • Where can customers experience the values?
  • Where can the partners experience the values?
  • How do the values affect our culture and behavior?

A workshop that makes the “famous” adjectives of each company vivid and comprehensible.

Ever guided a Sahara mission? Or escape the spider web? Our Outdoor Workshop “Values Life” is team building and change training in one. “Values Life” is an event in which the goal is a change or at least the awareness of one’s own values. In a course, it is important to master different tasks together as a team. Alive, exciting, together. And of course with instructions from professionals. So that nothing happens.

“Step Stone”, “Trust Fall”, “Sahara Mission” or “Spidernet” are part of the team training, in which the values become tangible and can be experienced by all participants. How does it look like? Please read our blog post here.

A workshop for the hardest in the value finding process. The life of values in the company.

Are the goals of your team known to every member? Does everyone know about his role? What are the relationships in the team? Are the processes running smoothly? What are the strengths of your team? Where are still growth areas? In our day seminar, employees become real teams, because if everyone knows what is important to them, they reach their goals more effectively.

Based on a DISG profile of each team member, an understanding of each colleague is created.

Where do we have similarities, where do we complement each other?

What need for communication and information do I and my colleague have?

Employees get to know themselves better with their strengths in relation to their role in the company. They learn to understand the behaviors of colleagues and value each team’s contribution. In order to be able to start with the behavior of the individual, all participants will receive an online questionnaire on factors such as motivation, tasks, changes, conflicts and intentions before the seminar.

How do you put vision, mission and values on paper? How are guidelines developed that every employee understands? In our mission statement workshop, your employees develop a ready-made mission statement under our guidance.

Real moderation for us means purposefully helping you to formulate your own mission statement. Step by step. Understandable, comprehensible and accepted by the employees. A series of workshops that is so successful because the claim of the participants in an idea caught and they are involved in the design.

You have developed a new mission statement and want to implement it at the various locations of the company? You want to develop a workflow concept under our guidance and with our experience? You want to involve as many employees as possible at the locations?

In this workshop we help you to find the right course of action and to look for possible hurdles. Our help to guarantee that your  mission statement also reaches all the employees.

Communication takes place as soon as several people come together or inform each other. It takes place both consciously and unconsciously. Verbal and nonverbal. Static or moving. Digital or analog. Active or interactive.

The most important task is to formulate together which topics you would like to communicate at all, what and which people you want to achieve with them and which budget you have available for them. Only then does it make sense to think about measures.

Our workshop “CommunicationPlan” is there to solve exactly these tasks. At the same time, all “their” current communication measures are collected and evaluated with regard to the objectives.

A workshop, that creates clarity.

Do you want to develop new topics, ideas and tasks of your members or employees? Do you want to develop sustainable products or innovations with your team or your entire workforce? Do you want to work off the usual discussion and group work with enthusiasm and joy to work out new ideas or content topics?

Our idea campus not only creates visionary ideas for your organization. It lets everyone participate in a fun way and create a whole new kind of networking. So that everyone says at the end: “Great, I have not experienced anything like that.”

You want to revise your employee newspaper? Are you looking for sparkling ideas for the content? The colleagues have to be constantly motivated and reminded to deliver content? The quality of the photos leaves much to be desired?

Then you are right in our workshop employee newspaper. We analyze your employee newspaper, point out recommendations and work together to master the tasks and to solve them.

Seminars and keynote speeches

Seminars are our passion. Over 2500 participants in over 200 seminars. Together with our training partners, the Academy of the Bavarian Press (ABP), the Academy for New Media (AFM), the Steinbeis School of Management and Innovation and the Munich Fundraising School, we train brand and communication talents of tomorrow.

We also give keynote speeches at symposia, conferences and meetings.

Our seminars

  • Day seminar Corporate Identity
  • Day seminar Fundamentals of branding
  • Day seminar Strategic corporate communication
  • Day seminar brand in the field of non-profit
  • Day seminar brand in the field of sports

Our last keynote speeches

  • Akademy of Advertising: Marketing is dead. Long live the brand?
  • Fundraising Conference: Fundraising – image and branding for non-profits
  • Meeting of psychiatric institutions: Madness and Reality – Image and Brand in Psychiatry
  • BDU – Group Healthcare: The Information bookstore – clinic communication today
  • Congress Clinicmanagement: Success criteria of an employer brand
  • Sustainability Congress: Learning from nature – identity development as a tool for change
  • Lawyer get-together: Typics instead of creative arbitrariness – criteria for success of the corporate design
  • Foundations network: Brand management in foundations
  • Dealer’s Network Day : Why strong brands are especially important for online trading?
  • Network ChefsCulinar: success factor brand in gastronomy

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