Our approach

Our holistic approach to corporate identity is more than creating a new visual identity. We understand corporate identity as the interplay of visibility, perceivability and credibility.

In this way, appearance, competences and behaviors form a congenial connection and help your company to the image that you want.

  1. We analyze and develop your corporate identity strategy together with your company and formulate philosophy, claims and cooperation guidelines.
  2. For this purpose, we create the company-specific corporate design with all related applications.
  3. We are particularly experienced in the development of active mission and vision statements and the development of ideas for the implementation of identity aspects, such as values, guidelines and designs.

Our Services

  • image and reputation analysis
  • vision and mission workshops
  • target positioning
  • corporate concept
  • claim
  • communication concept
  • corporate design, manuals
  • principles and guidelines
  • roadshows for implementation of values and guidelines


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